Precious stones from the Bohemian Paradise

The brothers Jan and Václav Fišers from Turnov. Their alleged voyage to Venice, five years of efforts to seize the local secret of secrecy, return to Turnov, dozens of wasted attempts and then - finally success! In 1711 they made the first glass for the production of artificial stones.


It was in 1712, when Elias Müller built his glassworks on the estate of the Harrach Counts in Jilemnice. It continued in the traditional production of glass, which was produced on the border of the Giant Mountains and the Jizera Mountains in the middle of the 14th century. Even today, you can see not only metallurgical production and blowing glass, but also a hundred-year-old grinding shop. It is driven by a water turbine and transmissions used to distribute the driving force.


Elias Palme, one of the most famous luminaire manufacturers, continued the tradition of chandeliers in Kamenický Šenov. Industrial production of chandeliers was started in 1724 by Josef Palme in Prácheň.


Surely you would not find in the whole Principle and in the broad surroundings of a person who would say a crooked word about Jan Šourek. After all, it was as if he had come to the Principle of Prosperity and Welfare. As soon as he took possession of the reeve, life in the village began to turn for the better. He was one of the first to venture into the world for business.


Josef Riedel, king of the Jizera Mountains glassmakers, was born in Hejnice in 1816. He was the representative of the sixth generation of the glass family and imprinted his footprint indelibly on the slopes of the Jizera Mountains.



Josef Pfeiffer - Jablonec entrepreneur and mayor, who was involved in the development of jewelery exports. Everything is confirmed at the imperial court and in 1866 Jablonec became a town during his reign.

BLOWN BEAD and its way to the tree

People can make sense of time and numbers, but not us, beads. However, I have heard that they have been blowing me in the mountains for more than a hundred years. As a bead would put it, that is a long time. You, who have never seen how a bead is born, you don´t know how beautiful life can be....


In 1920 the first Czech glass school was founded in Železný Brod, thanks to which the town became a center of glass art.


Inspired by Crystal Valley

Preciosa Lighting installation at Changi Airport

Light installation by Preciosa Lighting completes the space of the world's best airport

Czech glass leader Preciosa Lighting is among the selected contractors for the Terminal 1 renovation project at Singapore's Changi Airport, which is an eleven-time winner of the Skytrax World's Best Airports ranking. For the refurbished space, they created a unique dynamic light installation, Garden Metamorphosis. Here, the installation naturally integrates into a gallery of innovative design and artistic realisations. At Changi Airport, a world-famous entertainment centre, a light object made of Czech crystal now makes the waiting time more pleasant for millions of passengers.

Garden full of light

It was clear to the team at Preciosa Lighting right from the start that the installation for this location had to be exceptional in every way. It tells a story that takes place in a tropical garden that connects the interior of the airport itself with the streets of Singapore as a green and blooming city full of life.

The artistically crafted luminaire called Garden Metamorphosis is an original light installation combining unique compositions with shapes and patterns created by nature itself. The organic concept of the individual elements captures the attention and stimulates the imagination. "Garden Metamorphosis captures the moments of the evolution of life in the garden, its dynamics and fluidity, exactly the kind of transformations that normally take place in nature," says Anna Králová, designer of the project at Preciosa Lighting. "In our concept, the leaves turn into butterflies and visually merge together. Just like in reality - when a butterfly perches on a flower or leaf, it completely blends in."

Brightness and sparkle in an unusual form

The dimensions of the light installation are impressive. It is more than 10 metres long and 9 metres wide. It consists of 650 crystal components that represent small and large butterflies, plant leaves and also double petals. Each of the components is an original made by Czech glassmakers in Kamenický Šenov. The metal base is made of polished brass in champagne colour and has a warm and welcoming look. The colour of the components varies from clear crystal, to sandblasted, champagne, light pink, pink, to light and dark chandelier.

Advanced technology and safety requirements

The experts from Preciosa Lighting's development department faced several difficult challenges when designing this installation. The first was the advanced programming of the dynamic scenes, and the others were based on the specific security regulations for the building spaces in the Changi Airport area. The Garden Metamorphosis installation was created to meet the requirements for maximum resistance to shock and vibration caused by flight operations.

"Above all, we were trying to figure out how to imaginatively animate and light up the individual butterflies," explains Ondřej Dörfl, chief electrical designer. "The composition and design of the luminaire work with a concept that corresponds to real life in the garden. A butterfly flies out of a crystal tree, settles down and charms the surroundings with its shimmer, even catches the eye by lighting up and then gradually extinguishing its light... I believe we have succeeded in achieving exactly this goal and have created an installation that has a story and a soul."

To meet the requirements for stability and strength, the team devised a solution to effectively but unobtrusively attach the crystal leaves to the metal arms representing the branches of the tree.

The architectural designs, including the interior design, were the work of architects from RSP Architects Planners & Engineers in Singapore Preciosa Lighting worked with the airport's main contractor, which was local company Takenaka. Interestingly, a representative office of the Czech glass chandelier manufacturer from Kamenický Šenov has been operating in this city-state in Southeast Asia for 20 years.