Precious stones from the Bohemian Paradise

The brothers Jan and Václav Fišers from Turnov. Their alleged voyage to Venice, five years of efforts to seize the local secret of secrecy, return to Turnov, dozens of wasted attempts and then - finally success! In 1711 they made the first glass for the production of artificial stones.


It was in 1712, when Elias Müller built his glassworks on the estate of the Harrach Counts in Jilemnice. It continued in the traditional production of glass, which was produced on the border of the Giant Mountains and the Jizera Mountains in the middle of the 14th century. Even today, you can see not only metallurgical production and blowing glass, but also a hundred-year-old grinding shop. It is driven by a water turbine and transmissions used to distribute the driving force.


Elias Palme, one of the most famous luminaire manufacturers, continued the tradition of chandeliers in Kamenický Šenov. Industrial production of chandeliers was started in 1724 by Josef Palme in Prácheň.


Surely you would not find in the whole Principle and in the broad surroundings of a person who would say a crooked word about Jan Šourek. After all, it was as if he had come to the Principle of Prosperity and Welfare. As soon as he took possession of the reeve, life in the village began to turn for the better. He was one of the first to venture into the world for business.


Josef Riedel, king of the Jizera Mountains glassmakers, was born in Hejnice in 1816. He was the representative of the sixth generation of the glass family and imprinted his footprint indelibly on the slopes of the Jizera Mountains.



Josef Pfeiffer - Jablonec entrepreneur and mayor, who was involved in the development of jewelery exports. Everything is confirmed at the imperial court and in 1866 Jablonec became a town during his reign.

BLOWN BEAD and its way to the tree

People can make sense of time and numbers, but not us, beads. However, I have heard that they have been blowing me in the mountains for more than a hundred years. As a bead would put it, that is a long time. You, who have never seen how a bead is born, you don´t know how beautiful life can be....


In 1920 the first Czech glass school was founded in Železný Brod, thanks to which the town became a center of glass art.


Inspired by Crystal Valley



Jiří Pačinek's Glassworks realized an extraordinary order for a film production. The film itself is presented by Netflixer or CSFD. But below we present the story through the eyes of the glassmakers as told by David Sobotka, the artistic director of Jiří Pachinko's glassworks. Read how Czech glass made it to Netflix.

According to the opinion of many people from the film industry and beyond, such a project comes only once or twice in a professional lifetime and may leave "only" a few brief moments of "fame", a few fading photographs, a whole series of beautiful memories. But it can also bring other similar milestones, fundamentally influence the course of things to come, but most importantly stand for new human and professional friendships and cooperation...

All this happened to Jiří Pachinko and David Sobotka during an unexpected morning phone call last year, when they were approached by a leading American film production company, as if by chance, and asked to consider making glass for the sets of a film currently being shot somewhere in Greece and Croatia. At first hearing, this is not a strange thing, since Jiří Pačinek has already done several similar projects, and so has David Sobotka, who has participated as a glass supervisor in several film projects of domestic and foreign production during his thirty years in glass...

But when the names of the actors who will be featured in the film were announced, even they were breathless and wary, as Daniel Craig, Kate Hudson, and David Bautista are currently among the very top of the world's acting elite.

Other surprises did not wait long, because as we know, in film and filming preparation, the steps normally happen in the mode of days, hours, minutes and quite often seconds...

The really big moment was the arrival of one of the most important American film designers, John Dexter, who appeared one day in July at Jiří Pačink's glassworks in Kunratice near Cvikov and brought a bit of the atmosphere of Hollywood. The man who is, for example, a long-time collaborator of the world icon of film and art director Tim Burton, and as a production designer behind such film gems as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Sleepy Hollow... For this modest gentleman, who later told us his stories of working with world film icons in between jobs, it was actually the very first time he found himself in a glassworks, at the smelter, within reach of a hot furnace and in the company of glassmakers who, despite not being able to speak fluent English, took John in immediately and he was happier every day. Literally like a little boy at his best, picking up a glass blower and trying to blow a hot bubble for the first time. Incidentally, John Dexter also went through this glass baptism early on and I still remember what a tremendous experience it was for him.