Precious stones from the Bohemian Paradise

The brothers Jan and Václav Fišers from Turnov. Their alleged voyage to Venice, five years of efforts to seize the local secret of secrecy, return to Turnov, dozens of wasted attempts and then - finally success! In 1711 they made the first glass for the production of artificial stones.


It was in 1712, when Elias Müller built his glassworks on the estate of the Harrach Counts in Jilemnice. It continued in the traditional production of glass, which was produced on the border of the Giant Mountains and the Jizera Mountains in the middle of the 14th century. Even today, you can see not only metallurgical production and blowing glass, but also a hundred-year-old grinding shop. It is driven by a water turbine and transmissions used to distribute the driving force.


Elias Palme, one of the most famous luminaire manufacturers, continued the tradition of chandeliers in Kamenický Šenov. Industrial production of chandeliers was started in 1724 by Josef Palme in Prácheň.


Surely you would not find in the whole Principle and in the broad surroundings of a person who would say a crooked word about Jan Šourek. After all, it was as if he had come to the Principle of Prosperity and Welfare. As soon as he took possession of the reeve, life in the village began to turn for the better. He was one of the first to venture into the world for business.


Josef Riedel, king of the Jizera Mountains glassmakers, was born in Hejnice in 1816. He was the representative of the sixth generation of the glass family and imprinted his footprint indelibly on the slopes of the Jizera Mountains.



Josef Pfeiffer - Jablonec entrepreneur and mayor, who was involved in the development of jewelery exports. Everything is confirmed at the imperial court and in 1866 Jablonec became a town during his reign.

BLOWN BEAD and its way to the tree

People can make sense of time and numbers, but not us, beads. However, I have heard that they have been blowing me in the mountains for more than a hundred years. As a bead would put it, that is a long time. You, who have never seen how a bead is born, you don´t know how beautiful life can be....


In 1920 the first Czech glass school was founded in Železný Brod, thanks to which the town became a center of glass art.


Inspired by Crystal Valley

Christmas begins in Crystal Valley

Start Christmas the weekend of November 25-26, 2023 in Crystal Valley.

You can look forward to experiences and Christmas gifts from open glassworks, jewellery and jewellery workshops, museums and art schools. The event includes a competition for visitors, with beautiful prizes awaiting you, created in the Crystal Valley. We are proud of the skill of our artists and artisans, support them with your visit. We look forward to seeing you!


Unless otherwise noted the premises are open both days 9am-5pm. See below for a list of participating entities.

Bohemian Paradise


  • Železná 103, Železný Brod
  • +420 777 168 470
  • open both days, 9-17h
  • A private mini-museum with 80 charming glass cribs, both historical and contemporary. You will see figurative, engraved, cut, beaded and large glass mosaics.
  • For children there is a creative bead workshop where you can make a bracelet or necklace for 30 CZK.



  • Náměstí 3. května č.p. 20, Železný Brod
  • +420 731 518 351
  • open both days, 9-17h
  • In the DETESK sales gallery it is possible to see or buy a substantial part of the assortment of the company's gift programme.
  • A discount of 10% applies to the purchase of the Christmas assortment during the "Christmas begins in the Crystal Valley" event. When buying in the shop, you can enter the "Art Gallery and Museum" free of charge.
  • Part of the bottle production is offered completely, including filling with alcoholic beverages. The gallery also includes a wine cellar with a selection of quality red and white wines.



  • Bzí 45, Železný Brod 
  • +420 604 824 884
  • open both days, 9-16h
  • Creative workshops for children, sale of products at discounted prices, non-traditional products
  • Visitors will be offered a 10% discount on all Stefana jewellery and 20-40% off selected collections in the old fashion store. 
  • You will not miss an interesting interpretation about stones, only the cutting room will be closed for technical reasons.
  • For the youngest visitors, Stefan the elf will prepare a colouring book with a Christmas theme.
  • On both days you can also enjoy mulled wine and homemade apple tea.



  • Hrubá Horka 90, Železný Brod 
  • +420 604 441 960, 606 406 844
  • open on Saturday 25.11., 9-17h 
  • The family glass company deals with glass jewellery, glass objects and interior mosaic paintings.
  • Also come for a tour of the exhibition and studios.



  • nám. Českého Ráje 4, Turnov 
  • +420 604 937 998
  • Come and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Granát, d.u.v. Turnov cooperative.
  • Open both days, 9-17h
  • Creative workshops for children, gallery, customer centre (presentation of garnet production), sale of products
  • During the weekend, the Granat Gallery in Turnov will be open, where a guide will show you the history and present of jewellery production with Czech garnets.
  • In the children's workshops, you will feel the Christmas and creative atmosphere.
  • Both shops of Granát d.u.v. Turnov, the shop of garnet jewellery and the shop of glass gifts with Czech garnets will be open.



  • Antonína Dvořáka 334, Turnov 
  • +420 774 933 638
  • open on Saturdays, 9-17h
  • Craft alley in the town centre. Gallery and four studios with a craft show and sale of art objects.
  • Bead workshops for children (beads by Rutkovsky Beads), Christmas ornaments, knitted bracelets and necklaces, evening jewellery workshop for adults.
  • Guided tours of the factory, demonstrations of production as in a normal working day, sale of products at discounted prices, unusual products, the opportunity to try your own hands at production, creative workshops for children.
  • Sale of gift vouchers, silver jewellery courses "Between the hands and the heart".



  • Skálova 71, Turnov
  • +420 481 322 106
  • open both days, 9-16h
  • The beauty and variety of precious stones, but also a museum full of fun, action and education. The Museum of Bohemian Paradise in Turnov is a lively, action-packed institution that will entertain and educate visitors.
  • The museum specializes in precious stones and their processing. Visitors can visit the geological and mineralogical exhibition, which will take them into the colourful world of minerals; they will see examples of cut and engraved gemstones, learn about the technology of their processing and see historical jewellery, followed by those created since 1984 at international jewellery symposiums in Turnov.
  • In the underground Jewellery Room, a luxurious historical collection of jewellery works from the collection of the Turnov School of Arts and Crafts is on display. The entire space is connected by a playful worksheet that presents the journey of the stone to the jewel. An attractive destination was the exhibition Mountaineering - From Bohemian Paradise to the Peaks of the World. 
  • A tour of the permanent exhibitions and thematic exhibitions, a demonstration of gemstone cutting
  • free admission to the museum throughout the weekend



  • Skálova 85, Turnov 
  • +420 606 641 450
  • open both days, Saturday 9-17h, Sunday 9-16h 
  • Come and see handmade jewellery in the run-up to Christmas! You will surely choose a beautiful Christmas gift from the interesting collection.
  • You can look forward to a presentation of jewellery making, where the skill of goldsmiths is combined with modern technology. This creates gold and silver jewellery with natural stones of unique shapes.



  • Hubálov 21, Loukovec
  • +420 603 213 339
  • open both days, 9-19h 
  • Come and see the products of the Urbans and historical original products. You also have the opportunity to learn interesting facts about the history of the production of glass figurines.
  • For children's creativity, there are again a few novelties, children and parents will be fully and willingly attended by the team of the family company Urbanglass. 
  • During the Crystal Valley Christmas weekend, you will be able to enjoy Vojtěch Kubasta's first unique garden nativity scene and recall some of his unique 3D storybooks and original fold-out nativity scenes.
  • The Urban couple's workshop is located in their family home, so visitors must expect to wait a while for the space to become available if there is a lot of interest.
  • In the small family glassworks you will see a wide variety of figures and figures, windings and jewellery and other original art objects created from glass rods by winding, drawing, melting and separating.
  • The company specializes in the production of cribs and glass flowers.
  • Guided tours of the factory, demonstrations of production as in a normal working day, sale of products at discounted prices, unusual products, the opportunity to try your own hands at production, creative workshops for children.


Jizera Mountains 


  • Sokolovské náměstí 304/9, Liberec
  • +420 725 435 642
  • open on Saturdays, 9-17h
  • Welcome to the Christmas House! The company is engaged in the production of glass Christmas decorations from Liberec with a twenty-year tradition. Their work follows the tradition of glassmaking dating back to the 13th century.
  • It was introduced to the world as a brand in 2002. The aim is to preserve the traditional craft, to push it forward and to inspire.
  • Decor by Glassor is best known for its glass ornaments in the shape of spheres, but also offers other shapes of ornaments such as spires, bells, olives, rockets and figurines of various shapes and sizes.
  • All ornaments are hand-painted and made from glass using the traditional blowing technique. Each piece produced passes through the skilled hands of several painters and blowers who devote all their care to them.
  • Creative workshops for children - painting glass ornaments


GLASS SHOP Lusatian glass LsG

  • Revoluční 126/11, Liberec
  • +420 777 722 685 
  • Open Saturday 25 November, 9-16h
  • Discount on glass products 5-10%
  • In the shop you will find a wide range of products: cut anniversary glasses, anniversary glasses, beer glasses, pint glasses, vases, bowls, bowls, bottles, decanters, decanters, decanters, pitchers, friendship sets, candlesticks. Wine glasses for red and white wine, water, liqueur, cognac, champagne, glasses cut with Swarovski crystals. 
  • Ordering: - LsG Nový Bor, ul. Prokopa Velikého 535 (open daily 8-18 hours)



  • Masarykova 437/11, Liberec
  • open both days, 10-19h
  • The North Bohemian Museum in Liberec invites you to the Crystal Tower. Admission will be exceptionally voluntary on both days.
  • The world's longest glass ladder is on display there, complete with glass objects that resemble clouds. The authors of the installation, the Liberec brothers Jan and Ondřej Salanští, donated one of these "clouds" to the Christmas in the Crystal Valley Christmas competition.



  • Ruprechtická 365/55, Liberec 460 01 (second floor - above Sweet City café)
  • +420 724 275 901
  • open on Saturday 25 November, 9-17h
  • In the studio you will see the latest products and works of art - a variety of products set in a model interior - lighting fixtures, vases and crystal objects that bear the Salansky brand.
  • You can look forward to an introduction to the production process and creation itself. It will also include a debate, presentation and answering your welcome and inquisitive questions.
  • Downstairs, interested parties can enjoy a delicious coffee to replenish their energy from Nordbeans or a cake from a local bakery.



  • U Muzea 398/4, Jablonec nad Nisou 
  • +420 483 369 013; +420 778 527 123
  • open both days, 9-17h
  • The Museum exhibits one of the largest glass collections in Bohemia from its rich collection of 12 million exhibits in three permanent exhibitions, a unique example of jewellery in Europe and a selection from the largest public collection of glass Christmas decorations. The Museum of Glass and Costume Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou - The only one in the world!
  • On both days there will be a family programme reminiscent of the Anglo-Saxon custom of searching for the Christmas cucumber. These unusual ornaments are hidden all over the museum and visitors have to find them all. After successfully completing the task, they will receive a lovely gift that will shorten the long wait for Christmas.
  •  There will be a creative workshop in the studio on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, visitors will also be able to look under the hands of Vladimír Svatona, who is one of the last to produce black jewellery. Did you know that the original, pre-war stones are still used for this?



  • Jungmannova 497, Jablonec nad Nisou
  • +420 483 311 915, +420 603 218 939
  • open both days, 9-16h
  • Sparkling Christmas in Crystal Paradise - creating for families with children, painting Christmas decorations, stringing Christmas bracelets and making gifts. A wide selection of Czech Christmas decorations and glittery gifts!
  • Sale of products at discounted prices, non-traditional products, the opportunity to try your hand at making, creative workshops for children, demonstrations of production.



  • Podhorská 348/54, Jablonec nad Nisou
  • +420 483 443 111
  • Open on Saturday 25 November, 9-16h
  •  Christmas Fair and Open Day - come and taste the work of our students from the Chef - Waiter course or see how jewellery and costume jewellery are made in our unique workshops
  • Christmas workshops will be prepared for all those who like to create



  • Palackého 3145/41 (Palác JBX), Jablonec nad Nisou
  • +420 602 300 315
  • open both days, 10-16h
  • Sparkling Christmas creations - angel, snowflake, snowman or your own design? There are no limits to creativity!
  • Come and make glittering Christmas decorations from crystal trimmings.
  • Enter the Christmas world of the ArtCrystal Tomeš showroom, where more than 350 crystal lights will shine for your Christmas creations. 
  • Discover the perfect Christmas gift from a wide range of chandeliers, glass vases, cut glasses and other crystal treasures.



  • Průmyslová 2305/42, Jablonec nad Nisou
  • +420 602 970 654
  • open both days, Sat 8,30-17h/ Sun 9-16h  
  • Come and create your original bracelet from minerals. You can choose from a large selection of traditional Jablonec jewellery, jewellery. 
  • There are also beads and components for your own creation.
  • The opportunity to try your hand at making
  • Sale of products at discounted prices, non-traditional products.



  • Fűgnerova 1054/5, Jablonec nad Nisou
  • +420 601 505 808
  • open on Saturday 25 November, 16-18h
  • At 5 pm there will be a festive opening of the painting Lost Identity by Moemi Yamamoto. The oil painting depicts the historical layers of the town's origins, reflecting the development of the glass and jewellery crafts in the region, with which the building of the current Sokol Hall is closely linked.
  • An audiovisual installation of beaded trimmings in the well space will also be presented.
  • The Sokol café will be open throughout the event.



  • Janovská 132/39, Jablonec nad Nisou
  • +420 483 317 930
  • Open Saturday 25 November, 9am-3pm
  • creative workshops - making Christmas decorations from beads
  • at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. free guided tour of the museum and historical exhibition
  • free entrance to the gallery
  • 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. studio - Be creative with Anna Strnadová



  • Jehlářská 14/520, Jablonec nad Nisou
  • The University Gallery N in Jablonec nad Nisou serves the exhibition and presentation activities of the Technical University.
  • Come on Saturday, 25.11.2023 at 3 p.m. for a guided tour for the exhibitions Fascination with Santini (with the author Veronika Pouzarova) and Pearl and a little differently (Master of Crystal 2023) 
  • Gallery N will also be open on Saturday 25.11. from 10-13h



  • Heřmanice 7 (near Frýdlant v Č.)
  • +420 603 145 927
  • open both days, 9-17h 
  • Guided tours of the glass workshop - an operation with a large fusing furnace, glass grinding room and sample room in the reconstructed attic premises, which has become an extensive gallery of studio production of glass and jewellery. 
  • In the gallery you can buy finished products



  • Church garden, Dětřichov (near Frýdlant v Č.)
  • Map link:
  • the garden will be open both days, 10-16h 
  • Fourteen stops in the form of glass sculptures designed and created by glassmaker Josef Novotný from the Spider Glass glassworks in Heřmanice near Frýdlant
  • The glass sculptures are placed on the original sandstone pedestals where the Stations of the Cross were painted in the last century. 
  • The glass paintings were created in the Spider Glass glassworks using the so-called fusing method, i.e. glass blowing.



  • Popelnická 618, Tanvald
  • +420 724 170 120
  • open on Saturdays, 10-17h
  • You can enjoy a presentation of the creation of glass mosaics, a tour of finished works and possible purchase of small items.
  • You will see unconventional glassworking, which the author tries to delight the heart and give joy to others. Each piece is an original and you will never find two identical pieces. Everything is handmade according to the customer's wishes and requirements.



  • Josefův Důl 144
  • +420 723 436 900
  • open both days, 9-17h
  • Guided tour of the cutter's workshop with commentary, including the possibility of buying glass products at discounted prices.
  • Visitors can see traditional glass cutting and especially cut perfume bottles, which were produced in the late 19th and early 20th century. All using the original methods of years ago.


Lusatian Mountains


  • Chotyně No.31 
  • +420 728 803 922
  • open both days, 10-17h
  • A chance to see the glass artists' workroom, also worth a visit is the showroom with finished works by Beata and Daniel Vágner.
  • Family studio and the possibility of a workshop - cutting Christmas ornaments.
  • Glass cutting technology and fused sculptures. 
  • The opportunity to try your own hands at production, sale of products at discounted prices, unusual products, tours in the operation, demonstrations of production as in a normal working day.
  • When visiting the Vagnerglass studio, please park in the parking space in the village (map), from where you can walk about 10 minutes along the marked path.



  • Kunratice u Cvikova 147, Kunratice u Cvikova
  • +420 608 404 986
  • open both days, 9-17h
  • Christmas inspiration by Jiří Pačinek - tours in operation, production demonstrations as on a normal working day.
  • Regular admission to the glassworks itself!
  • One of the most important contemporary art glassmakers on the European and international scene gives a glimpse into his glassworks in Kunratice near Cvikov.
  • The glassmaking complex includes not only a traditional glassworks, where visitors can observe the work of the handmade masters from a really minimal distance, but also a cutting room where the products are processed using traditional methods, a sales gallery of modern glass and, last but not least, a unique Crystal Garden. 
  • Also visit the unique Crystal Temple near the glassworks!



  • Lindava 167 (near Cvikovo)
  • +420 487 751 613, +420 606 622 396
  • open both days, 9-17h
  • On Saturday, 25 November, do not miss the sale of hand-blown glass at discounted prices at the AJETO artisan glassworks from 9-17h. At the same time you will have the opportunity from 9-12h to observe the artistic creation of master glassmaker Ivan Kubela.
  • You can also look forward to glass, handmade Christmas ornaments, candlesticks and angels, which you can buy in the glass shop in the tavern. Adults can warm up with mulled wine in the popular glass tavern, and there will be a hot apple for the children. 
  • Saturday's Christmas sale will also include an accompanying programme for children and adults: a tour of the glassworks, gingerbread decorating, a chance to try glass blowing, glass sandblasting, beading and face painting.
  •  On Sunday, 26 November, the glass tavern with a shop will be open and excursions in the glassworks will take place.



  • Slunečná 122, Slunečná
  • +420 603 871 511 - the studio is part of a family house, it is ideal to arrange in advance by phone (max. 8 people per hour).
  • Open on Saturday 25 November, 9-17h
  • Guided tours in the shop, gallery, production demonstrations, sale of art objects.
  • Christmas is coming and autumn in Slunečná is beautiful. And full of glass! Come see our studio, have a nice chat and arrange special gifts for your loved ones.



  • Osvobození 69, Kamenický Šenov
  • +420 487 712 040
  • open both days, 10-17h
  • The Glass Museum in Kamenický Šenov will offer visitors exhibitions on the 100th anniversary of the museum's foundation and the exhibition Luxury by Lobmeyr. The permanent exhibition presents engraved and cut glass from three centuries and Šenov lamps.
  • Creative workshop: printing with glass stamps on textile placemats.
  • Admission to the museum: voluntary.
  • Sale of products at discounted prices, non-traditional products



  • nám. Míru 105, Nový Bor
  • +420 487 726 196
  • open both days, 9-17h
  • Admission to the museum: single entrance fee 40,- CZK/person
  • The Nový Bor Glass Museum is one of the oldest glass museums in the world. The permanent exhibition is not traditionally arranged chronologically, but according to the refining techniques - the exhibition of engraved, cut, painted and thickly shaped and decorated glass. Especially unique is the collection of painted Art Nouveau glass, which is the largest of its kind in the world!
  • THE BEST OF 2013-2023 - a selection of additions to the museum's collection



  • B. Egermanna 11, Nový Bor (on the ground floor of the former ZPA company)
  • +420 724 032 905
  • open on Saturdays, 9-15h
  • Creative workshops for children, sale of products at discounted prices, non-traditional products.
  • Choose from a wide range of beads and components for your own creations.
  • During the event, a workshop with making angels.



  • B. Egermann 322, Nový Bor
  • +420 775 588 474
  • open both days, 9-17h
  • In Studio AZ-Design you will see the best of traditional and modern cut glass.
  • There will be a tour of the cutting rooms, painting workshop, including a rich sample room with a guided tour by the world master cutter Ales Zvěřina and his wife Zlata Zvěřina.
  • There will be a sale of hand-painted glass including Christmas themes.
  • Children will have the opportunity to cut their own glass plate.



  • tr. T. G. Masaryka 805, Nový Bor
  • +420 728 269 912
  • open both days, 9-17 h 
  • From the glass museum and restaurant you can watch the glassmakers in production until 5 pm.
  • You can buy an original Santa Claus in the gallery or at the museum sale.
  • Christmas glass sale at the museum.  
  • Family-owned glassworks, contemporary glass museum, sale and sale of unique pieces, renowned restaurant, large parking lot available.



  • Svojkov 47, Svojkov
  • +420 603 188 232
  • open on Saturday 25 November, 9-14h
  • If you are looking for replicas of historical glass, forest glass, glass from films and fairy tales, glass of rulers, medieval goblets, Renaissance goblets, Viking glass, Gothic goblets, Roman glass, then visit the family glassworks in Svojkov.
  • Original, handmade glass is created here according to original patterns, archaeological excavations and other historical sources.
  • Guided tours, demonstrations of production as in a normal working day, sale of products at discounted prices, unusual products.



  • Častolovice 16 (near Česká Lípa)
  • +420 603 894 297
  • open on Saturday 25 November, 9-18h 
  • All-day tour of the glassworks production process, painting for children of tree ornaments, cherubs, bells and candlesticks.
  • Roasting of sausages, sale and consumption of delicacies from the Czech slaughter from the local butcher.
  • Lighting of the Christmas tree in the glassworks at 5 pm.
  • Florián's Glassworks is a family-run glassworks founded in 1996, which deals with handmade glass production, glass shaping, glass blowing, glass moulding and freehand glass shaping according to the glassmaker's imagination.

Giant Mountains


  • Poniklá 153, Poniklá
  • +420 733 737 430
  • Open both days, 9-17h + Saturday night excursions at 19, 20, 21 and 22h
  • Tours in operation, production demonstrations as on a normal working day
  • Sale of products at discounted prices, non-traditional products
  • Opportunity to try your hand at making, creative workshops for children, refreshments for sale (Nad věci shop).
  • Pearl craft UNPLUGGED! On Saturday, November 25, 2023, there will be special night expeditions to the pearling workshops.
  • Limited capacity, online booking required at - admission fee 180 CZK includes a guided tour by firecracker light, hot drink - mulled wine, coffee, tea - in the Nad věci shop.
  • Come and listen to the stories of memorials by kerosene lamp light on Saturday during the night tours. ... "But even so, the home-style setup was fraught with difficulties. There were no tables (or rather, not enough for them), for bellows cost money, and so sometimes in a small room where as many as eight people and their children slept, four glassblowers sat at a pearl table, and the fumes from the kerosene filled the little world..." 
  • The Rautis company has succeeded in having its Christmas decorations made from glass blown beads inscribed on UNESCO's list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.